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Marble Statues
In antient times, the artist could only complete one or two masterpieces in his whole life. Today, machine can make the same good sculptures much more quick and less expensive.
Human statue
If you're looking for live people statue or famous marble sculpture, please send us the detailes photos or the idea. Our carvers could complete your job beautifully.
Head statue
We could also carve David, Venus bust and any other marble head statues you need to decorate the interior or exterior of your house.
Abstract statue
The creativity of an abstract statue is from a heart with art and a mind with beauty. A sculpture definiately enhance the beauty of your garden, house or any other form of your property.
Animal statue
Our workers carve animal statues professionally for more than 30 years. Their carving skill follow the late...
Buddha statue
Maybe you're interested in the Chinese tradional sculpture. Buddha statue is a main point of Chinese tradional carvings. You could find Happy buddha, Sakyamuni buddha, mercy buddha, etc.
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