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TOB STONE produce various of natural stone carvings and architectural stone works for home and commercial buildings. Our products range from marble fireplace, stone sculpture, stone columns&pillars, architectural stone works like balustrades, window surroundings, sills, wall veneers, garden ornaments like stone gazebo, bench, planters, water foutain, table, etc. All our products could be custom produced and designed. We bring in marble, granite, limestone, travertine from quarries overseas and China. Customized production is one of our main advantages. We welcome distributor, builder, contractor, importer, whole seller and individual for business cooperation. Let our works be your best investment.
Marble fireplace mantel
Marble fireplace can enhance the beauty of your home or office. Traditional carved classic fireplace will b...
Marble Statues
In antient times, the artist could only complete one or two masterpieces in his whole life. Today, machine can make the same good sculptures much more quick and less expensive.
Architectural Stone
You can send us your own design or idea of building your house. We could assist the design with software...
Garden Ornaments
We produce various of garden ornaments like water fountains, sculptures, gazebo, planter, bench, table, etc....
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Mob/WhatsApp: +86-13810866348
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